PT Bangkitgiat Usaha Mandiri highly commits in respect with society economic empowerment, particularly local people. The presence of palm oil plantations and palm oil processing plant highly supports to the government program in the society economic empowerment and accelerating the development equalization or increasing the regional economic growth.

Actual form of presence of PT BUM being felt by the people is at present there has been established cooperation with cooperative formed by the local people , and the palm oil plant of PT BUM, that is in the planning and development of plasma plantations where its development to commence in early 2013.

Besides, the presence of PT Bangkitgiat Usaha Mandiri also much increasing in the utilization of manpower of the local people. PT BUM actively participating in the local government programs, which is realized with receiving some appreciations from the Regent of Kotawaringin Timur Mr. H. Supian Hadi, S.Ikom, in the form of appreciation to PT BUM participation and absolute commitment to SAHATI pairs in realizing Kotawaringin Timur receives Adipura year 2012, among others are through contribution 1 (one) unit truck for transporting garbage.

In respect with education, PT BUM also actively participating in the scholarship programs to the students with good achievements in the districts surrounding the palm oil plantations PT BUM. Besides, it also erected Primary School Building and commits in developing Secondary High School in 2013. In respect with Health, , the company always giving contribution in form of free medication to the local people and employing active doctor in the plantations area.

PT BUM also done his commitment in the society independence through the grant of palm oil nursery plants to Tanjung Jorong vilage in December 2012.